Sweet Syrupy Puddles

Sweet Syrupy Puddles is an exploration of Internet cults and psychedelic groups tied to the death of my lifelong best friend. After my friend passed I began to write for the first time in a long time. I didn’t know why I was writing but I couldn’t stop. Clocking in at just under 300 pages, the first draft of the book was completed in just over a weekend of manic writing and archiving. It took over a year to polish and I still return to it now and then to update it. Creating this book was instrumental in coping with the subject matter it deals with but ultimately it is a totem of our time together, a way to remember a person as they lived and not as they died.
  Stylistically I didn' twanted the book to betray too much of its contents to a reader who was just flipping through the book. As such its content is set very modestly with moments of juxtaposition and tension scattered throughout the book at pivotal moments. I worked with my colleague Mostyn Griffith to create a graphic language that would reappear throughout the book to signal change, and to orient the reader in a confusing narrative.
  Over the course of writing this book I was able to interview dozens of characters who all showed great compassion to me and allowed me to use their stories in telling my own. I’m very grateful for their help and for the help of my friends during this time. Cover and illustrations in collaboration with Mostyn Griffith. Photos by Judy Kim.