Erty The Web Browser

Erty is a web browser that believes in scrolling less and surfing more. Erty doesn’t behave like a normal web-browser, instead of a formal search bar any letters not separated by a space typed into Erty are treated as a search query. As you type Erty responds by bringing up new webpages based on your query in real time. For example: when attempting to go to in the Erty web browser you first type the letter g which would take you to, then you would add the letter o taking you and so on until you reach your destination. All of this happens just as quickly as you can type. In this way Erty shows you all the websites in-between the sites you regularly visit.
  While using Erty like any other web browser is one way of using it, it is a waste of its potential. Once you use Erty normal web browsing seems horribly sluggish. To the right are two users testing out Erty for the first time. They start out hesitant but then begin experimenting with new types of urls, websites and one user even begins to roll their head across the keyboard to surf (you can probably tell when that starts to happen).
   In the second video our user begins to type l after l to see if anyone in their right mind would buy a domain consisting of just l's. After hitting multiple blank URLs in a row they actually happen upon a fascinating website somewhere around the 10th l. Using Erty allows users to explore domains that they would have never happened across using conventional browsers.

Erty Notation

When surfing with Erty interesting websites are sometimes hard to find in the vast sea of empty domains, and when you do they often appear as just a flash across the screen. In order to remedy this I created Erty notation. Erty notation boils down to a simple character placed under any letter that leads to a valid URL. To the right is an example, google, that leads to three valid websites:,, and of course Hovering over any letter with a star under it will highlight the URL it corresponds to while hovering over a URL that leads to a dead end will turn red. Try it out!
   With Erty notation users can quickly find interesting website they previously found without having to re-type a (possibly very long and obsure) URL.

Google ******

Tech Specs

Erty is built off of Electron with a reimplemented sandbox mode to allow for (relatively) save browsing across the web. Because of Erty's indiscrimination when browsing sites and the possibility of nefarious javascript actions Erty runs with javascript disabled. Erty caches any website accessed within the last 24hrs locally to deliver common websites nearly instantly. Erty was created in collaboration with Phil Bayer under the guidance of Chris Novello.