Box is a plaster box. Box meditates on its own wholeness, its finality as a complete and uninterrupted cube. These meditations are printed out on receipt papers by a printer contained within Box. I invited spectators to, with no knowledge of Box's purpose, interact with Box. Each of its sides have either a lock or a hex screw and I presented the group with one key that didn't fit the lock and a hex key. These tools which seem to open Box will actually break Box, and at the same time disrupt the it's order and meditation.
  Once Box is broken it begins to have an existential crisis and realizes that it is no longer whole. It starts to understand where it is in space and it has grand ideas that it is one with the universe, all the while Box continues printing its thoughts on receipt paper. I wanted the setup to be as minimal as possible so that users would pay attention to the visual signals that were given like the key and lock. Once Box was broken the Fractured peices of its shell were quickly discarded by the users to get to the newly exposed arduino parts. Only once users had read Box's full account of the events that transpired did they understand what they had done and the implications of their curiosity. Box was a collaboration with Tristan Hsu and Sam Lavoie.