I’m Ethan. I’m a human working and living in New York. I collaborate obsessively, I learn constantly, and I sleep seldom. My work is focused on using new and emerging technology in playful, social, and non traditional ways. Some of them you kinda have to be there for. I believe that the medium is the message, and the more mediums you have access to the more messages you can convey. My background in design and my interest in systems theory guide my approach in tackling new projects. I work towards strong concepts backed by the robust technological solutions and away from acts of spectacle & tech for tech sake.
  In 2018, I received my BFA from RISD in Graphic Design with a minor in Computation Technology & Culture. While in school, four friends and I founded a design studio called Merl.
  Currently, I remain 1/5 of Merl and am a Creative Technology Intern at Droga5. I maintain a personal practice collaborating with other artists and designers where I explore the intersection of things like design, computation, sculpture, cybernetics, WiFi, and network media. I'm always looking for new collaborators and opportinites. Get in touch here.